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A Gift From Zac Brown

Nov 23, 2015

In September 2015, RCA Studio B received a special gift from Zac Brown and his Southern Ground Studio, located just up the street from Studio B. The gift was a Neve recording console. This is very exciting, because Neve makes some of the best recording consoles in the world, and its expense would make it difficult for Studio B to purchase. In addition, the console greatly enhances our current work in rebuilding and restoring the Studio B control room, with the goal of making it a fully functional studio—a status it has not enjoyed since Belmont University stopped using the studio in its recording courses in July 2014. The Neve console will be incorporated into the control room along with many original audio pieces restored over the last few years. Soon we’ll be able to use 100 percent of Studio B’s equipment—all essential to artistically diverse, high-quality recordings in the years to come. Like Hatch Show Print, Studio B is historic as well as functional, and embodies our philosophy of preservation through production. The new Neve console is a big step forward in helping us create new music for new generations.

Learn more about the equipment used at Historic RCA Studio B here.

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